New Album(s) & Summer Tour!

Artemis w/ Daniel Berkman @ Awaken Cafe, January 2013

New Album

The new album by Steve Lawson & Daniel Berkman, FingerPainting, is out! It’s the entirety of the first show from January’s house concert tour, all live improvisation, Steve on fretless bass and Daniel playing handsonic, gravikord, kora, keys and various electronic doohickeys. Both guys doing loads of looping and effects, and who knows who’s playing what most of the time. Beautiful musical conversation. Have a listen while you read. I’m singing on the last two tracks.

I organized the shows that enabled this album to happen, and sang on one or two songs at each show. There are several FingerPainting editions available, including a double-CD ‘best of’ from the 10 shows, and a few expanded editions including ALL the music from tour. A couple versions even allow you access via Dropbox to tracks in progress as Steve takes on the behemoth task of mixing and mastering all 11 hours of music.

Your downloads and pre-orders help make this project possible! And will keep you steeped in lovely music all year long…

As always, if you love the music, download it for whatever you can afford and please share with your friends via blog, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever digital carrier pigeon tickles your fancy. This is how we keep doing what we’re doing.

Works In Progress

I’m also in the studio currently polishing up material I wrote and recorded last February for a 3-4 EP set which I’ll be releasing over the next few months, one EP at a time. This is my first project in awhile where all songs are solo compositions. Much of it is stripped down, simple instrumentation – various combinations of piano, bass, flute, ukelele, kalimba, voice. With the occasional foray into electronica.

I also have some thrilling new collaborations underway, including a cello & voice album and another for improv cello & flute with Daniel Berkman. Samples coming soon!

Summer House Concert Tour

January’s shows were incredible, and I’ll be back on the road this summer with Daniel Berkman – we’ll each be playing solo, plus some duo songs and improv material together. For everyone who asked me in January, “Why didn’t you sing MORE?” – come join us and you’ll be getting your wish!

We’re booking dates in July and August for the West Coast, and September and October for the East Coast, Midwest and South. If you live…well, *anywhere* (even abroad!)…and would like to host us for a house concert, please leave a comment below or drop me a line via Facebook, Twitter or email. We’d love to come play for you! House concerts don’t have to be huge to be a huge success. Ten folks or more can make for a great night. I’ll write a little more about house concerts in another post, but you can read a great synopsis of the basics here.

We’re also happy to do non-house shows – cafes, pubs, stadiums – hey! The world’s the limit, the sky our oyster…if you have venue suggestions, drop a line.

Hope to see you in 3-D this summer or fall!

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