truth is a beautiful child

but not an easy one.  she’s late.  she’s heavy.  she comes out kicking and screaming, sideways with a big head, ripping and tearing all the way.  but her eyes are bright.  brighter than the closest star in the sky.  she’s impatient.  when she doesn’t get her way, she stomps around the room, arms folded, steam rising from her ears, till she gets spoken.  but her love is huge.  bigger than the most genuine unexpected smile that pours out of an unbridled heart.  stronger than the mama-of-everything’s goliath arms of compassion that could ever wrap themselves around the world and hug us with mercy and tenderness till tears of joy and relief stream and flow from all our eyes creating seven new oceans.

what a ride.  she’s coming.  she’s nearly here.  and on her way here, every emotion imaginable has cropped up and shown its crazy amazing ugly stunning face and stood there until it’s been acknowledged, then it makes way for the next.  every song and every album has its own birth and i’ve never experienced one quite like this before.  it’s been challenging, demanding, expanding and enlightening.  it’s put us all to the test and i am pretty sure we’ve come out on top SHINING.

and we are so excited.

i’ll leave it to you.  listen and have your own experience.  how does Truth speak to you?  i’m really looking forward to hearing yours.  fully and freely.  i like the echoes.

just a few more days now!  we’ve adjusted our course for last minute changes of wind and tide, but we’ll be coming into port very, very shortly.

we’ve got GOODIES for you!  a new Artemis website coming.  a bubbly beautiful song called Truth by Artemis : Divasonic.  loads of great remixes.  and some creative packages – USB trick or treats for boys and girls, magazines and shirts, twinkles and charms and sparkly bits.  we’ve painstakingly (and i really mean it!), and with tons of joy and love, put all these offerings together just for you and we really hope you’ll enjoy them and pretty please speak up and let us know what you enjoy most!

i won’t let the entire cat out of the makeup bag just yet, but she’s hungry and happy and ready to play, and pretty soon she will leap into your lap and start purring.  starting sometime in the next few days, you’ll be able to hear songs from the Truth single & remixes EP on Groovera chilled web radio – this will be the exclusive place to hear the tracks until they burst on the scene November 12 (just for you my pretties, who stand so near and listen so closely) ONLY on Bandcamp.  on December 1, she’ll hit the streets on iTunes, Amazon, Magnatune, CDBaby, and everywhere else.  then we’ll give her the keys to the car, let her drive around, go on dates and interviews and radio shows with whomever she pleases, and trust her to take care of herself.

we know she will.  she knows her truth.


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