Song-A-Day 2016

Artemis Song-A-Day Studio

February has been an amazing month of creativity! Every year since 2011, I’ve jumped onto this crazy songwriting ship called Song-A-Day with my bro-in-law (and jazz pianist extraordinaire) Darin Wilson, his lifelong music buddies, and pretty much everyone I can rope into the insanity of writing, recording and posting online a song every day for the entire month of February.

I’ve missed the boat the past couple years, as I’ve been shifting gears, settling into, and shaking the cobwebs out of, my new part-time home of Joshua Tree. (My other time-parts are spent in Oakland, and touring the country, world and universe doing house concerts.)

This year of Song-A-Day was the best yet. I’ve written 25 songs, nearly all of which will be the ingredients for no less than four new albums – a new Artemis album (yipee!!), an ambient sound collage album, an album of piano pieces by James Groft and myself, and a new album of Lion Nest songs.

The Lion Nest is my new duo with James Groft. This is our first track, Friendship:

Stay tuned…I’ll be posting the polished new gems very soon!

In the meantime, most of the tracks on Triptych i, ii, and iii came out of Song-A-Day…here’s a little player to while away the next little while:


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