Was given this for free by the lovely flower man at Whole Foods a couple days after our Orange Room show. Glowy days.

It feels lately like the world is exploding blossoms all around me. I know these waves cycle around and around, but I spend enough time swimming through peanut butter, that when the switch gets flipped, it’s such a surprise…feels like flying.  A bit like training with weights on your ankles so that when you go to fight, under your own weight you feel light as a feather.  Good reminder to thank the darker shades for how brilliantly they help the brighter colors shine. I get plenty of those reminders. Mostly when the sun is shining. Harder to hear in the dark.

This year feels particularly potent. I am well versed in Western astrology but know next to nothing about Chinese astrology, except that Dragons are intense and powerful creatures. And this being year of the Water Dragon seems about right. Water in western astrology is all about creative and emotional, psychic and spiritual flow…so with Dragon flavor – well, it’s quite a wave. I love symbols and metaphors and mythology. Images tell the best stories. Maybe that’s why I tend to keep my writer’s mouth shut except to write poetry and sing it. Though I value terseness, I’m working on unlocking myself a bit more these days, mostly because it’s such a joy to connect and interact with others. To that end, I’m spending a lot more time on Twitter these days. Come chat with me. Most of the time I feel like don’t have anything nearly interesting or cool enough to say, but I join in the fray anyway. Life’s short and you never know when the party’s over.

The other place where I’m heavy on interacting at the moment is at Song-A-Day, a little cacophanous cauldron of creative juiciness which happens every February – a small but growing group of us get together each year and commit (insanely) to write a song every day of the month, *and* post it online to be shared, and cheered and commented on.  Strangely (and blessedly), it’s always cheering. A loving, supportive and enthusiastic bunch of truly amazing artists and human beings. Last year was my first year – I was lured in by my brother-in-law Darin Wilson, who is a fabulous jazz improv pianist. He said, “I hope you’ll still be speaking to me at the end of the month” – ha. I got completely hooked. I failed at the mission and only wrote 11 songs, but I can’t remember the last time I wrote 11 songs in a month, so I considered it a big win. This year I aim to do even better.

The other great thing is that it gets me practicing my production and engineering more – I co-produce all my albums, but don’t spend a lot of time flying solo in the driver’s seat.  It’s really paying off.  Though collaboration is pretty much the icing on my pie, I am really digging developing my own ideas from start to finish (at least a rough finish!). This year is a whole new universe of sounds, and I feel like my songwriting adventure is leaping into new dimensions. I am enjoying the ride. I am generally very shy and hesitant to let new things out before they’re polished, but I’m learning the value of sharing process. So I invite you to go and listen to what’s there — not just to my stuff, but everyone’s. There are a myriad of styles and colors. They are all brilliant. Including stuff from Tom Lattanand, Lynda Arnold, Daniel Berkman, David Earl, Seela, and so many other secret stars.

I’ve been recording video of some of my creative and recording process, and will try to put together a couple fun little videos to share soon. I also may just go ahead and make an album (or two??) out of this year’s Song-A-Day.  Without a bunch of extra production.  Maybe just a tiny spit polish. And put it up on Bandcamp. Just as an experiment. What do you think?

This pot is boiling over and there’s enough soup for everyone so might as well share.

Singing 2012 Song-A-Day creation #9: eye to eye


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